Hair Growth Helmet LESCOLTON LED Helmet Hair Loss Treatment Device



Anyone who wants to grow thicker, fuller, and healthier-looking hair

Anyone who is willing to invest the time to be consistent with the every other day treatments to regrow his/her hair back

Anyone who is using other hair growth products and wants to achieve better results


Anyone who is looking for an instant solution to grow back hair overnight (remember: this process takes time and patience)

Anyone who is bald or has been bald for years (this is often a sign that the follicles are no longer alive)

Anyone who is not willing to invest time & effort in regrowing his/her hair


Our engineers have calibrated the lasers to the optimal wavelength (650 nm red light) proven to promote hair growth. The 56 medical-grade lasers and LEDs radiate light energy that is absorbed by the hair follicles to enhance cell metabolism rate and reactivate follicles to stimulate hair growth.

Special Features:

Stimulation the shedding of necrotic hair follicles in a painless way

Strengthen the growth of new hair follicles

Promote healthy hair growth

Works with most effective 650 nm ± 10 nm wavelength effectively for thinning hair treatment.

LESCOLTON Hair Regrowth Devices

Multiple clinical studies have shown the effectiveness of Low-level Light Therapy in promoting hair growth in men and women with hair loss

Low level laser therapy (LLLT) can be used to enhance the results of other hair loss treatments,deep penetration by the LLLT for hair restoration,baldness treatment and relieves itchy scalp conditions.

4 Modes For All People:

Mode 1, Suitable for severe hair loss.

Mode 2, Applicable to severe hair loss in the middle of the head.

Mode 3, Suitable for male-pattern baldness.

Mode 4, Suitable for hair loss prevention, postpartum hair loss and hair roots reinforcement.

How to Use

Step 1: Take the device out of the box.

Step 2: Position the device on your head in a comfortable position.

Step 3: Insert the power adapter pin into the controller.

Step 4: Plug the power adapter into an electrical outlet.

Step 5: Press the switch button to turn it on,then press the ‘M“ button to select the appropriate mode.

Step 6: It is recommended to use 3 times a week for 25 minutes each time.Use once every other day.

Easy To Use

1.Just choose mode. 

2.25 minutes shut down automatically. 

3.Unlike a laser comb and brush that provides far less coverage and require constant hand movement, which is tiring, inconvenient, and prevents you from going about your day. 

4.You can handle the work or enjoy you time freely. 

5.You can use it on its own or combine it with other hair loss treatments,such as biotin supplements, hair growth shampoo, conditioner, foam, minoxidil and other hair growth products.

Safe For Use

Built in intelligent infrared sensor light, the product will stop working when it is not worn on the head 

This home use medical device is durable. 

Intelligent integrated design, intelligent adjustment of the light mode.

Intelligent memory function

The Hair Growth Device is designed with a memory function, the next time you turn on the default is the last used mode.

Package Including

1 x Hair Growth Device
3 x Adapter

1 x Manual

1 x Remote

Brand Name: Lescolton

Item Type: Hair Loss Product
Battery: None
Certification: CE
Certification: FCC
Certification: RoHS
Quantity: Hair Growth Helmet
Model Number: LESCOLTON-LS-D601
Suitable Head Circumference: 53 cm - 62 cm
Number of laser lights: 26 pcs
Number of LED infrared lights: 30 pcs
Infrared lamp wavelength: 650±10nm
Laser wavelength: 650±10nm
Input: AC 100V-240V
Output: DC 5V
Net Weight: About 600g
Feature : Hair Growth Helmet

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